Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are currently hand picking people from our Discord to Beta test. If you are lucky, you might be invited!

We aim for Q2 of 2020, if there is a delay we will notify the Discord.

Our main goal with this Discord server is to build a community of people that are interested in our game. We plan on hosting events on here that reward the players in game. It also helps us organize our bug reports in the backend.

Currently the credits do nothing. But eventually, you will be able to use them to redeem in-game rewards! You receive credits automagically when you participate in conversations in our text channels. Check the amount of credits you have by using the "!credits" command.

Full game with all episodes.


No. You can run Full-screen in UltraWide Mode, but there are Two Black-borders on the Left-Right of your screen.

Yes: Keyboard, Mouse, Touch Screen, Xbox1/PS4/Nintendo Switch Pro/Switch Joy-Con (Both L-R)/Steam Controllers Full supported.

Yes, we will make Limited/Collectors Editions, too! We contacted with several Merchandise makers with very high quality goods!

Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.

Please visit our Discord to submit a bug report or provide feedback. We are active in monitoring our community Discord, and filing bugs helps to improve our games.

Tokyo Re:Connect is currently available for the PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) on Steam.

Yes! In fact we encourage you to make videos on Tokyo Re:Connect. You have permission to monetize your YouTube videos and Twitch streams featuring Tokyo Re:Connect.

If you are press of any kind (Review site, magazine, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, etc) you can Tweet at us from your official account to request media access to our content (@konekosoft)

KONEKO is an indie developer located in Tokyo, Japan. We are a company specializing in professional quality entertainment products. We strive to create top quality creative works with the great story, clever gameplay, and cutting-edge visuals. To us, a visual novel is the best way of story-telling. It's not because of the stylized artwork, the atmospheric music, fitting voice-overs, immersive sound effect cues or simply the words you read. It's because all these pieces are just components for the strongest game engine: the player's creative imagination.

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